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Journal Abstract
Our experiences in the reconstruction of bone stock

deficiency with allogenous lyophilized bone graft after surgical resection of the giant-cell tumour

Szymon Dragan, Andrzej Wall, Adam Prastowski, Artur Krawczyk, Mirosław Kulej, Zdzisława Wrzosek
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2003; 5(4):508-517
ICID: 11023
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 5.82
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Introduction. The aim of this work is to evaluate lyophilized bone graft addressed in deficiency of bone stock after surgical resection of the giant-cell tumour. The adaptive remodeling of the graft in a function of time was screened as well.
Material and Methods. Research is based on 12 patients who underwent resection of the giant-cell tumour. Postresectional bone stock deficit was reconstructed with autogenous lyophilized bone graft. In 4 cases the changes was situated in distal part of femur, in 5 cases in proximal femur and in 3 cases in distal radius. Mean observation time was 5,1 years (1-11 years). The functional outcome was evaluated on the scale proposed by Enneking and al. The adaptive remodeling and osseointegration of the graft has been evaluated by densitometric analysis of X-rays.
Results. In the functional outcome we gained good and very good results in 9 cases after resection of tumor from knee joint ends, two fair and one poor results after tumour resection from distal radius. In one case of reconstruction in distal radius we could not identify osseointegration. The rests of the cases have had full bone remodeling with graft osseointegration 12 month after operation.
Conclusions. Solid, lyophilized human bone grafts osseointegrate with surrounded bone and are very good biological material for bone reconstructive surgery.

ICID 11023
PMID 18034053 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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