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Journal Abstract
Severe Thoraco-lumbar Kyphoscoliosis Associated with Osteoporosis in Siblings - Case study
Edyta Szumera, Barbara Jasiewicz, Tomasz Potaczek, Jerzy Sułko, Maciej Tęsiorowski
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2015; 17(2):189-195
ICID: 1157095
Article type: Other
IC™ Value: 1.50
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The incidence of scoliosis among patients with certain systemic diseases is much higher than in the general population. Moreover, the onset of the scoliosis is in early childhood before the age of 5 and the deformity reaches extreme values.
We present the clinical course of two siblings with multiple musculoskeletal deformities, osteoporosis, severe kyphoscolisis and an undiagnosed systemic disease. The onset of scoliosis was in the first months of life of both children, with a marked progression about the 8th month of life. Due to lower limb deformities, ambulation was delayed until the 5th year of life in the male sibling, and the girl remains non-ambulant. Both children had osteoporosis, which caused numerous fractures of the upper and lower limbs. Due to progression of the spinal deformity the boy underwent a posterior hemispondylodesis with instrumentation at the age of 7. The girl also underwent surgery at the age of 7, but instrumentation could not be placed successfully due to inadequate bone quality. The last follow-up to date has been at the age of 12 years for the female patient and 20 years for the male patient. The spinal deformity in the female has not progressed during the last 2-3 years. She has been on bisphosphonate therapy for two years and no new fractures have been noted. The male patient has undergone multiple surgeries for lower limb deformities and is an independent walker. His scoliosis remains stable, but a minor progression of kyphosis has been noted in the last year.
The history of the two patients shows that not all early-onset deformities can be effectively treated and that osteoporosis is a crucial obstacle to this treatment.

ICID 1157095

DOI 10.5604/15093492.1157095
PMID 26248763 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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