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Journal Abstract
Segmental Schwannomatosis of the Spine: Report of a Rare Case and Brief Review of Literature
Ranjit Kumar Baruah, Suresh Bora, Russel Haque
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2016; 18(1):73-78
ICID: 1198872
Article type: Other
IC™ Value: 1.50
Abstract provided by Publisher
To report a case of segmental schwannomatosis involving the dorsal and lumbar spine and describe its excision as well as review of literature on schwannomatosis involving the spine.
Summary of background data: Schwannomas are nerve sheath tumours which usually occur as solitary lesions. Presence of multiple schwannomas suggests a genetic predisposition to tumorogenesis and possible association with neurofibromatosis. However, in very rare cases multiple schwannomas exist without typical features of neurofibromatosis and constitute a clinically and genetically distinct rare syndrome termed schwan-nomatosis.
A 31-year-old female presented with low back pain with left lower limb radiculopathy and sensory deficit over the L4-L5 dermatome. Auditory and ophthalmologic examinations were normal. MRI showed two discrete intradural masses at D12-L2 and L3-L5. MRI of the brain was negative for any vestibular schwannoma. The tumours were excised discretely through a single midline incision to improve the symptoms.
HPE of both the tumours revealed them to be schwannomas. Karyotyping from lymphocyte DNA revealed no abnormality. Conclusion: This is the 3rd case of schwannomatosis involving the dorsal and lumbar spine, in which excision of the tumours led to resolution of symptoms.

ICID 1198872

DOI 10.5604/15093492.1198872

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