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Journal Abstract
Analysis of reasons for falls of hemiparetic inpatient rehabilited patients
Andrzej Kwolek, Krystyna Lewicka
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2002; 4(5):606-612
ICID: 16254
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 5.85
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Background. Patients undergoing rehabilitation in rehablitation wards particulary those focused on geriatry or neurology are expose to falls.It is connected with advanced age and also their illness essence.
This kind of falls appears to be very important problem because some of them could lead to severe physical contusion or loss of trust in own ability and fear against the activities.
The aim of this study was to analyse incidence of falls in all groups of patients rehabilited in the ward, the causes of falls and consequences of them and estabilshing the preventional rules for hemiparetic patients after stroke or operated brain's tumors.
Material and methods. The prospective study was conducted during 2000 year. We used erlier prepared record of falls included data conected with age, diagnosis, day of hospitalisation, causes, circumstances and consequences of falls.
Results. Among 724 observed inpatient rehabilited patients falled 46 persons what is 6,3%.
The most often falls concerned hemiparetic patients (8,7% rehabilited patients).
In group with patients after cranio-cerebral trauma falls were registered in 18,1% rehabilited. Walking without support was the most frequent circumstance of falls (27%).
In 9 % of falled patients suffered from consequences as local petechie, swellings, tenderness of soft tissue whereas 1 patient needed to be transfered and observated in traumatic ward after fall.
Conclusions. From this analysis come that restriction of ussing sleeping and psychotropic pills, creation of save enviroment, isolation of group of patients predisponated to falls are very important factors in prevention of falls.

ICID 16254
PMID 17992170 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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