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Journal Abstract
Appropriateness and effectiveness of physiotherapeutic treatment procedure after tendon transfer in patients with irreversible radial nerve injury
Sebastian Walczyk, Marek Pieniążek, Maria Pelczar-Pieniążek, Małgorzata Tabasz
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2005; 7(2):187-197
ICID: 443165
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 6.66
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Background. Research conducted by many authors has indicated that if muscles are not re-innervated after radial nerve paralysis, it is necessary to perform a tendon transfer operation. The goal of our study was to evaluate the effectiveness of surgical and hand therapy procedures after tendon transfer in patients with irreversible radial nerve injury, and to verify the therapy program preceding and following surgery.
Material and methods. Our research material was collected from eight patients at our Center, in whom tendon transfers had been conducted due to lack of wrist and finger extension functions in the metacarpophalangeal joints (MCP) and the lack of extension function of the interphalangeal thumb joint (IP). The effectiveness of the therapy was estimated on the basis of examination results consisting of measurement of the active range of motion (AROM), force of global handgrip and precise grasps, and hand skills, using the Nine Hole Peg Test. For the purpose of calculating hand functions we applied Swanson's methodology. In addition, our methodology included filling in a special ADL questionnaire by our patients. The survey included a list of daily activities and patient's expectations of the operation outcome, and the therapy as well.
Results and Conclusions. The results of our research indicated the appropriateness of surgical transfers followed by physical therapy, and proved the effectiveness of our rehabilitation program.

ICID 443165
PMID 17615513 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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