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Journal Abstract
Outcome treatment of pseudoarthrosis of long bones with decortication method depends on morfology of pseudoartrosis
Paweł Reichert , Roman Rutowski , Krzysztof Zimmer , Jerzy Gosk , Krzysztof Skiba
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2006; 8(6):613-619
ICID: 471244
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 6.71
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Introduction. Purpose of work was estimation of the results of treatment of pseudoarthrosis of the long bone with the method of decortication, with use of autogenic bone depends of kind of pseudoartrosis..
Material and methods. In the years 1995  2004 77 patients were treated because of 83 pseudoarthrosis of long bone in our Clinic. Pseudoarthrosis of humeral bones were the treated most often, next femoral bone , radial bone , ulnar bone . The time from the fracture to decortication was from 6 to 48 months. Pseudoarthrosis is classified according to Weber Cech division. In the methodology of clinical estimation and subjective estimation of the patient Stewart and Hundley classification, and Keating classification were used. For estimation of control roentgenogram radiological estimation of union according to the division of Hammer was used.
Results. Union was achieved in 77 cases of 83 pseudoartrosis. Time of bone union achievement was: for hypertophic pseudoartrosis –4,75 months, oligotrophic pseudoartrosis-6,48 months, for dysplastic pseudoarthrosis 7,47 months, for aplastic pseudoartrosis 9,63 months.
Conslusions. Surgery with decortication method gives very good results in case of treatment of long bone hypertophic, oligotrophic and dysplastic pseudoarthrosis. Failures are usually with atrophic pseudoartrosis. The results of treatment are depends on morfology of pseudoartrosis.

ICID 471244
PMID 17581510 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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