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Journal Abstract
The evaluation of social awareness of osteoporosis, based on the aimed questionnaire
Radosław Górski , Dariusz Chmielewski , Marcin Zgoda
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2006; 8(6):627-632
ICID: 471245
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 6.71
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Background: Osteoporosis is the most common osteopathy. Osteoporosis is recognized by World Health Organization as a civilization disease. Still, the awareness of osteoporosis in polish society is unknown. The aim of the study is demographic evaluation of people who are interested in diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. Another aim is to analyze data such as age, sex, fracture occurrence, style of life of people who have phoned to Osteoporosis Information Telephone (OIT).
Material and methods: The analysis was based on 501 individuals (446 women, 55 men). The evaluated parameters were age, sex, place of living, education, risk factor awareness, fracture occurrence and the source of knowledge about OIT. The auxiliary questions concerned previous diagnosis and treatment.
Results: In 83,3 % of analyzed group the general information about osteoporosis was acquired from newspapers, 13,11% from books and folders, 3 % from radio programmes, 0,4 % from TV, and 0,19% from internet. 23,5% of people acquired information about OIT from magazines including weekly TV programme. 148 people (29,5%) were examined by densitometry. 57 people (11,3%) had a previous history of bone fractures. Conclusions: Our study helps to evaluate the social awareness of osteoporosis in people interested in this problem. We hope that our results will help to rise social awareness of osteoporosis thanks to new medial advertising companies in the future and will become the base for others analyzes of osteoporosis.

ICID 471245
PMID 17581512 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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