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Journal Abstract
Role of rehabilitation in management and prophylaxis of osteoporosis
Piotr Tederko, Iwona Garwacka-Jodzis, Jerzy Kiwerski
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2002; 4(2):185-190
ICID: 491818
Article type: Review article
IC™ Value: 4.68
Abstract provided by Publisher
Osteoporosis is a growing health problem of ageing population. After major osteoporotic fracture an increased risk of high hospital mortality, permanent functional deficit, chronic pain, decreased quality of life, independence loss, and high treatment costs are expected. In the elderly the increased incidence of falling may add more risk of osteoporotic fracture than the decrease of bone durability. The paper emphasizes the role of comprehensive rehabilitation in the prophylaxis of bone mass decrement, prophylaxis and management of osteoporotic fracture and its consequences.
Basing on contemporary literature and author’s experience the importance of age adjusted physical activity for different groups of subject (those at risk of osteoporosis, with occult and symptomatic disease) was discussed. Appropriate therapy established on patient’s individual demands, expectations and health status improves both early and late outcome of fracture treatment and decreases the risk of following incidents. Posttraumatic rehabilitation consist of early mobilization, exercise performance, use of physical modalities and application of appropriate ortheses or protectors.
The patients benefit from physical activity because of its desirable influence on bone mass density, general fitness and functional efficiency, co-ordination. Proper application of rehabilitation increases patient’s level of independence, exerts pain-mitigating effect and diminishes the risk of further fractures.

ICID 491818

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