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Journal Abstract
Lengthenin and axis correction of the thigh in various deformities of the hip joint
Leszek Morasiewicz, Wiktor Orzechowski, Artur Krawczyk
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2002; 4(3):333-340
ICID: 492233
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 5.85
Abstract provided by Publisher
Background. This article discusses the possibilities for using the Ilizarov, method to correct hip deformities accompanied by shortening of the thigh. This method enables multi-level, multi-plane, one-time or protracted correction of hip deformities with simultaneous limb lengthening. The authors present examples of such corrections of various type and etiologies.
Material and methods. Treatment outcomes were analyzed for 32 patients treated by the Ilizarov method for hip deformity and limb shortening as a sequela of purulent coxitis in infancy.
Results. The best outcomes were observed in patients with unstable or dislocated hip joints.
Conclusion. The results noted here should be taken under consideration in planning early surgery in children with Type IV deformity according to Choi et al.

ICID 492233

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