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Journal Abstract
The Ilizarov method in the treatment of postinflammatory deformites of the distal epiphysis of the femur
Sławomir Żarek, Jarosław Macias
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2002; 4(3):341-347
ICID: 492234
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 5.85
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Background. We report results of the application of the Ilizarov method in the treatment of patients with shortening and deformity of the distal epiphysis of the lemur caused by neonatal osteomyelitis.
Material and methods. 28 patients were operated, ranging in age from 6-19 years (average 10). There were 15 cases of hypoplasia of the lateral condyle with 10-500 valgus deformity of the knee joint, and 11 cases of malformation of the medial condyles with 5-300 varus deformity. In 2 cases there was malformation of both condyles of the femur (2-18 cm, mean 7,5 cm) was observed in all cases. 34 surgical procedures using Ilizarov’s technique were performed. The duration of treatment was 3-7 months.
Results. Lengthening of 2-9 cm was obtained. The mean lengthening index was 28 days/cm. full limb length equality was obtained in 19 cases. Full correction of the deformity was obtained in all cases. Restoration of deformed condyles was observed in 6 patients. Complications included pin-tract infections in 13 patients, limitation of knee flexion to 1100 in six cases and 1000 in two cases. There was one knee subluxation (corrected) and premature consolidation of the femur in 3 patients. No osteomyelitis, neurological complications, or vascular compromise occurred.
Conclusion. The Ilizarov method is very effective in the treatment of complex deformities of the distal epiphysis of the femur.

ICID 492234

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