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Journal Abstract
Arthroscopic management of chondromatosis of the elbow: a case report
Bogdan Wziętek, Bogusław Frańczuk
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2002; 4(3):366-369
ICID: 492242
Article type: Case report
IC™ Value: 3.51
Abstract provided by Publisher
Background. This article describes a case of chondromatosis of the elbow in a 33-year-old male patient. An arthroscopic method was used to remove multiple loose bodies from the joint.
Case history. The patient complained of pain in the right elbow. He presented with edema in the elbow joint, pain during movement, occasional slippage, and a 300 functional reduction in elbow extension.
Procedure. After the arthroscope was introduced into the joint, numerous loose bodies were detected, covered with cartilage, pale pink synovial membrane with hyperthropied villi. The cartilage of the joint surfaces bent slighty under pressure: however, there was no sign of decay, destruction, or deep deficits. Using a punch and Pean forceps we removed ca. 20 loose chondral and condro-osseous bodies ranging in diameter from 0,3 to 2,0 cm.
Outcome. There were no post-surgical complications. After several days the patient was discharged. Within a week he recovered a full range of motion in the joint and no pain. The patient continues to work in a job demanding physical exertion and plays volleyball.
Conclusion. Arthroscopy of the elbow is a good solution for the problem of loose bodies in the elbow joint, especially when they occur in both sections of the joint, where classical surgical techniques require two routes of surgical access or two-phase surgery

ICID 492242

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