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Journal Abstract
Degenerative changes of the musculoskeletal system in the context of disability and rehabilitation decisions
Mieczysław Błaszczyk, Marek Sacharuk, Hanna Więcławek-Wassermann
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2006; 8(4):473-476
ICID: 499914
Article type: Review article
IC™ Value: 5.37
Abstract provided by Publisher
Degenerative changes in the musculo-skeletal system constitute one of the most common and most troublesome medical problems that can lead to diminished motor capacity in persons of middle and older age. This article presents the problem of degenerative diseases from the point of view of the Polish social security agency (ZUS). Based on statistics from 2003 and 3004 pertaining to persons paying premiums to ZUS by payroll deduction, we address the question as to whether degenerative diseases are the most common cause of joint dysfunction, and whether men and women are equally affected. The costs entailed in paying out disability benefits to patients unable to work due to a degenerative disease are listed. We also describe how medical rehabilitation, can be used to limit these costs by preventing long-term disability.

ICID 499914

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