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Journal Abstract
Early clinical results of open and arthroscopic synovectomy for exudative gonitis
Adrian Masłoń , Dariusz Witoński , Ireneusz Pieszyński, Andrzej Grzegorzewski , Marek Synder
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2007; 9(5):520-526
ICID: 538741
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 7.12
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Introduction: The authors compared early results of open and arthroscopic knee joint synovectomy in patients with nonspecific exudative synovitis and rheumatoid arthritis.Material and methods: The study comprised two groups of patients matched for age, preoperative range of motion in the involved knee and etiology of synovitis. Group I included patients after open synovectomy and group II consisted of subjects following an arthroscopic procedure. Blood loss, analgesic intake, duration of hospitalization, range of flexion and extension in the involved knee at discharge as well as 3 and 6 months following surgery were compared, together with respective recurrence rates.
Results: A statistically significant decrease in blood loss and a shorter duration of hospitalization were found in group II compared to group I; no differences were observed in postoperative analgesic use. Mean flexion range was significantly greater before surgery than in the 3 analyzed time intervals in both study groups except for knee flexion in group II compared before and 6 months following the intervention. However, mean flexion range in the operated joint at discharge and 3 months postoperatively was significantly greater in group II as compared with group I. A comparison of the knee extension range between the groups revealed significantly higher values in group II at discharge, but no statistically significant differences were found in the subsequent follow-up assessments. However, flexion contractures developed 6 months after surgery in 5 patients from group I and in 1 patient from group II. No recurrence of effusion was observed in either group.Conclusions: According to the authors, arthroscopic synovectomy reduces blood loss following surgery, shortens duration of hospitalization and permits faster recovery.

ICID 538741
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