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Journal Abstract
Postural Balance in the Early Post-Operative Period in Patients with Intervertebral Disk Disease Following Surgery
Tomasz Sipko, Marzena Chantsoulis-Supińska, Marzena Żmuda, Jerzy Zwoliński
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2008; 10(3):226-237
ICID: 860679
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 7.16
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Introduction: The authors assumed that advanced lumbar disk disease contributes to disorders of body equilibrium and asymmetry of foot pressure force on the ground. Surgery improves biomechanical relations in the lumbar spine, thus decreasing the disturbance of postural equilibrium and foot load. Material and methods: The study was carried out among 40 patients treated in Military Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw due to a herniated nucleus pulposus in the lumbar region of the spine. Patients were examined prior to lumbar intervertebral disc surgery and 3 days following the procedure. A PEL 38 MEDICAPTEURS platform was used to measure foot pressure forces on the ground. Results: Examinations of body posture equilibrium based on plumb line tests before the operation indicated transposition of pelvis both to the left and the right side. The correct position of the pelvis was reported only in 25% of the patients. Examinations of lower limb load indicated asymmetry in the distribution of foot pressure forces on the ground.Conclusions: Herniated disk disease in the lumbar spine causes disturbances of body posture equilibrium, such as transposition of pelvis to the left or right and asymmetry of foot pressure forces on the ground due to pain radiating to one of the lower limbs. Surgery for herniated disk reduces the abnormal position of the pelvis and alleviates the pain, but it does not improve the lower limb load disorders.

ICID 860679
PMID 18552760 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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