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Journal Abstract
Assessment of respiratory function in girls with scoliosis after thoracoplasty
Maria Laurentowska , Maciej Głowacki , Edyta Michalak , Ewa Deskur-Śmielecka , Aleksander Barinow-Wojewódzki , Barbara Pospieszna
Ortop Traumatol Rehabil 2009; 11(6):513-519
ICID: 900695
Article type: Original article
IC™ Value: 7.53
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The aim of the study was to assess pulmonary function in patients after spinal fusion combined with thoracoplasty in comparison with subjects in whom thoracoplasty was not performed, but who underwent intensive rehabilitation.
The study population consisted of two groups of adolescent girls about two years after surgical correction of scoliosis by Cotrel-Dubousset method. The subjects in the first group (thoracoplasty group) underwent spinal fusion in combination with thoracoplasty, which consisted in subperiosteal resection of deformed segments of six ribs on top of the rib hump. Patients in the second group (rehabilitation group) had no thoracoplasty, but participated in a 4-week rehabilitation programme based on endurance training. Pulmonary function was assessed in all subjects with resting spirometry. Additionally, maximal oxygen uptake was determined using an indirect method.Spirometric parameters at rest were significantly higher in subjects participating in the rehabilitation program compared to the thoracoplasty patients. VO2max values were similar in both groups, indicating relatively good exercise capacity.Comprehensive motor rehabilitation based on endurance training has a favorable influence on pulmonary function in patients after surgical correction of scoliosis. A rehabilitation program should be included in the management of patients after spinal fusion combined with thoracoplasty

ICID 900695
PMID 20032527 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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